Andrea Amelio

University of Bonn ·

I am a PhD student in Economics at the University of Bonn and a YEP member of the ECONtribute Excellence Cluster.

In my research, I use theoretically driven experiments to investigate different topics in Behavioral Economics. Broadly, I am interested in how different features of cognition impact economic decision-making, especially through the mediation of beliefs. More specifically, I study the mechanisms through which individuals integrate new information, and how this affects economic outcomes both at the individual and aggregate levels.

I will be on the 2023/2024 job market.

Job Market Paper

Social Learning, Behavioral Biases and Group Outcomes

I study how social learning can amplify or reduce errors in economic reasoning induced by well-known behavioral biases.


Motivated Memory in Economics - A Review

Games, Special Issue on Economics of Motivated Beliefs, February 2023
(joint with F. Zimmermann)


Contigent Belief Updating

(joint with C. Aina, K. Brütt)
We study how contingent thinking – that is, reasoning through all possible contingencies without knowing which is realized – affects belief updating.

Can Information Be Too Much? Information Source Selection and Beliefs

I study how the number of available information sources impact agents' ability to (i) select reliable sources and (ii) use their content effectively to update their beliefs.

Cognitive Uncertainty and Overconfidence

I study how awareness of one's own imprecision is related to overconfidence.